For Kubernetes v1.17+ kubectl apply -f

Older versions of Kubernetes

kube-flannel.yaml has some features that aren’t compatible with older versions of Kubernetes, though flanneld itself should work with any version of Kubernetes.

For Kubernetes v1.6~v1.15

If you see errors saying found invalid field... when you try to apply kube-flannel.yaml then you can try the “legacy” manifest file

  • kubectl apply -f

This file does not bundle RBAC permissions. If you need those, run

  • kubectl apply -f

If you didn’t apply the kube-flannel-rbac.yml manifest and you need to, you’ll see errors in your flanneld logs about failing to connect.

  • Failed to create SubnetManager: error retrieving pod spec...

For Kubernetes v1.16

kube-flannel.yaml uses ClusterRole & ClusterRoleBinding of When you use Kubernetes v1.16, you should replace to because had become GA from Kubernetes v1.17.


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