下一代云计算平台Apache Mesos定制自己的PaaS-1(Apache Mesos安装部署)

下一代云计算平台Apache Mesos定制自己的PaaS-2(使用marathon发布管理应用)

下一代云计算平台Apache Mesos定制自己的PaaS-3(docker应用发布)

下一代云计算平台Apache Mesos定制自己的PaaS-4(使用haproxy-marathon-proxy实现服务发现和负载均衡)

下一代云计算平台Apache Mesos定制自己的PaaS-5(使用bamboo实现服务发现和负载均衡)



Deployment Guide

You can deploy Bamboo with HAProxy on each Mesos slave. Each web service being allocated on Mesos Slave can discover services via localhost or domain you assigned by ACL rules. Alternatively, you can deploy Bamboo and HAProxy on separate instances, which means you need to loadbalance HAProxy cluster.


User Interface

UI is useful to manage and visualize current state of proxy rules. Of course, you can configure HAProxy template to load balance Bamboo.


user interface

StatsD Monitoring


Configuration and Template



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